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11:30 a.m.

Holy Communion & Baptism
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City Temple membership consists of baptized believers who have professed faith in Christ and a willingness to be directed by the Holy Spirit. Any person who wishes, regardless of his race, gender, sexual preference, or religion, will be welcomed into church membership upon profession of faith in Christ.

To make the transition to joining our church fluid and comfortable, we offer a New Membership Training Class. The training includes assigning a prayer partner to each new member, receiving detailed information regarding the many ministries, fellowship groups, and partnerships at the church, and accepting the Right Hand of Fellowship during the worship service.

To receive more information, please contact the Rev. Dr. Grady A. Yeargin, Jr., Pastor. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of this body of Christ and we hope to see you during service!

New Members' Training

One of the entities of The Christian Education Ministry is the New Members' class. All persons joining City Temple of Baltimore Baptist Church are invited to participate in this program. This six-week course, which meets each Sunday following worship service, is designed to provide an orientation for all who are new to the Baptist faith, in addition to being new to City Temple.

This spiritually based course will cover subjects including:
  1. The Meaning of Church Membership
  2. The Nature and Mission of the Church
  3. Baptist Beliefs and Practices
  4. The Organization of The Baptist Church
  5. The Life of City Temple.
  6. Spiritual Gifts and Talents
The following City Temple parishioners serve as instructors for this program:
  1. Sis. Deborah Bates
  2. Dea. Doris Hunter
  3. Min. Marshell Jenkins
  4. Dea. Vonda Reed
  5. Dea. Patricia Ward
  6. Min. Michelle Hamiel
Please direct all questions, comments and/or suggestions to Min. Patricia A. Yeargin>

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