About This Blog



     For the past 23 years, Dr. Yeargin has served as the pastor of the City Temple of Baltimore Baptist Church.  During his tenure there, Pastor Yeargin’s primary concern has become the spiritual growth and development of the Disciples of Christ.  As he understands it, spiritual maturity involves knowing what we believe, knowing why we believe what we believe and allowing this knowledge to be the source of our deepening relationship with God through Jesus by the aid of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Yeargin can often be heard admonishing the City Temple congregation, “Don’t believe this just because I said it; believe it because you have discovered it to be true in your own lives.”


     The reflections that will be shared are intended to inspire us to move toward spiritual maturity.  Some of what is shared will be inspirational; some of what will be shared will be reflective and, hopefully, thought provoking; and some of what will be shared may prove to be controversial.  The intent is to prod us to deeper convictions about what we believe, why we believe it and ultimately produce our growth in the faith.

     We invite your comments, your responses and your opinions all of which contribute to expanding our understanding of our faith and the God we serve.