The Mission Statement of the HIV/AIDS Ministry is to be a spiritually based resource and support ministry for the community, to heighten individual awareness of HIV/AIDS and STDs. The ministry is made up of certified HIV/AIDS prevention counselors, lay counselors and certified Ora-Quick technicians. This ministry also works with the Outreach Ministry to give free HIV testing monthly. Members of this ministry network with community churches and organizations to educate others about HIV/AIDS.

Audio Board


Members of the Audio/Visual ministry record, advertise, sell and distribute audio of worship services and special events.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry is responsible for organizing and implementing the teaching ministry of the church. The church's educational task is to nurture and enrich individuals using Christian principles found in the Holy Scripture. The purpose of the ministry is to nurture and empower an active and focused Christian community in which the church family can unite in one body to provide quality education based on God's word.

Christian Education members uphold the mission and vision of the Christian Education Ministry through planning and implementing programs of study and education for all phases of Christian Education at City Temple.

Couples Ministry

A good and healthy marriage takes grounding and support. The Couples Ministry of the City Temple of Baltimore (Baptist) will provide biblically based teaching, counseling, and activities to give guidance and suggestions to enrich and strengthen our marriages, or help renew marriages in distress. Our goal is to refresh our marriages and keep them healthy and strong, replicating God's perfect plan for loving, committed marriages.

Cultural and Fine Arts Ministry

The Cultural and Fine Arts Ministry will provide spiritual and cultural experiences that will enlighten and enrich our lives as we support our church in a broad appreciation of the arts, music, and dance.

Dance Ministry

Dance/Movement Ministry

Members of this ministry have been consecrated to use their "bodies as living sacrifices, holy, acceptable unto God which is their reasonable service" (Romans 12:1) to praise, worship, and glorify God through movement and dance. Their role in the worship experience at City Temple is to express God’s Word through dance and scriptural interpretation in movement in order to praise and worship the Lord, and in doing so, perhaps, inspire, uplift, heal, and deliver, God’s people through their anointing!

Diaconate Ministry

Members are ordained church officers who may assist the Pastor with any responsibilities that are not related to preaching. Assisting and supporting the Pastor in the furtherance of his vision for the achievement of Church missions. Diaconate members are spiritual leaders totally committed to God, the church and mankind. They are servants of the church and help administer the ordinances of baptism and communion. They minister in times of crisis to the church.


Serve the pastor and his family through the uplifting of the Pastor inside and outside the walls of the church.

Funeral Staff

Funeral Ministry

The primary focus of the Christian funeral is God and his glorification. With this understanding, this ministry strives to reduce stress that accompanies dealing with the death of a loved one by assisting with the arrangements of the funeral service according to the funeral handbook used by City Temple of Baltimore (Baptist).

Hospitality Ministry

Members of this ministry greet and recognize visitors during Sunday morning services.

Just We Few Ministry

The goal of the Just We Few Ministry is to serve the Lord and to stand by the Pastor with willing hearts and helping hands.

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry

City Temple of Baltimore Baptist Church (CTBC) Men'sMinistry is a group of Christian men coming together as one to worship. Our Men’s Ministry is in active pursuit of men seeking a connection with God and His Word. Together we strive for the purpose of winning, growing and training in Christ. Remaining committed to community outreach will continue to be our focus. We are determined to raise up leaders who will grow in vision and help lead a potential army of men into a deep relationship with the Lord. A variety of CTBC Men’s Ministry events are available that can help foster faith in God and promote fellowship at the same time.

Missionary Ministry

Missionaries are responsible for missions both domestic and abroad in the church and community in order to meet the needs of others and to bring people to Christ. Anyone with the desire to serve is welcomed to join the Missionary Ministry.

The missionaries meet quarterly in the months of February, May, August, and November on the first Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m.

To receive more information, please contact Maelena Holman at (410) 523-3774 or Lilly Traynham at (410) 265-5443.

Choir Singing

Music Ministry

The purpose of Music Ministry is to win souls for Jesus Christ and to glorify God through music, fine arts, and dance. Through God's abundant blessings, the Music Ministry will continue to grow and spread spiritual awareness through the singing of His Word.

Nurses Ministry

Licensed nurses trained in first aid assist parishioners in the time of medical emergencies.

Soup Kitchen Line

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry brings life to the teachings of God by helping to meet the basic needs of people in the community. Services provided are:

  • Food pantry
  • Clothes pantry
  • Soup Kitchen - Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
  • Financial assistance for evictions, gas & electric, prescriptions and funerals
  • Substance abuse assistance & referral
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas meals as well as Christmas baskets

Security Ministry

The new City Temple Security Ministry has been serving since September 2008. We consider our service to be an "outpost" of the community of City Temple, or as Pastor puts it, "an outpost of love". When our City Temple family members and visitors see us, we hope to give them a sense of comfort as they enter and exit our church home.

We count it as a blessing to be able to volunteer security services at our church. Those services include: watch and report any suspicious activities around the church grounds, assist the trustees during the offering, parking control and maintain a safe environment around the church for its members and visitors.

Trustee Ministry

Officers who are responsible for the church's financial and business matters. They are responsible for the maintenance of the church and all of its properties. They are responsible for all utilities.

Ushers Ministry

We have several groups of ushers that span all age groups. The purpose of this ministry is to welcome all into God's house graciously and warmly.

Wedding Ministry

Wedding Ministry

The wedding ministry strives to make every wedding a memorable and beautiful worship experience by maintaining a standard of dignity and sacredness for each wedding, as we follow the wedding guidelines of the church and maintain an open line of communication among the wedding coordinator, the prospective bride, the Pastor and the Minister of Music.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry goal is to become more Christ-like, to share experiences that are particular to women, and to encourage and inspire one another. We want to practice a spirit led, loving and intentional effort, which enables us to experience together the fellowship, love, power and joy, which is generated when women of all ages come together.

Women of all ages are welcome! Our meeting day is the third Saturday of every month from January to June. We break during the summer months of July through August. We then return to fellowship from September and continuing. For more information regarding our ministry, please contact Doris Hunter, Isabella Dowery, or Patricia Yeargin.

Young At Heart

As members of the congregation grow older, their needs change. The Young At Heart Ministry provides an effective and fun way for the members of the church age 55 years or older to come together for fellowship. The goal of this ministry is to administer to the spiritual, physical and personal needs of adults and provide a means of recreation and companionship.

If you would like to join this ministry, just come out the first and third Monday of each week at the church in W.W. Payne Center, or you may contact Shirley Lindsay at (410) 945-7474, Evelyn Wooley at (410) 922-7169 or Hallie Tucker at (410) 523-9664.

Youth At Pumpkin Patch

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is comprised of all of the youth of the church and several youth advisors. It is the responsibility of the youth advisors to communicate the Gospel and its relevance to young people in a substantial and permanent way.

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